The name of the association shall be the Kingsport Business Club (also referred to as ‘KBC’). 



The objectives of the association shall be: 

  1. To conduct a referral program through the exchange of leads and networking information among its members; 
  2. To improve the business of one another through promotion and feedback; 
  3. To promote the highest standard of business professionalism and integrity; and
  4. To support and have a positive impact on the Kingsport Community and Downtown Kingsport more specifically



  1. Members are asked to try to keep each presentation to around 30 seconds to report referrals passed, number of 1- on-1’s, any closed business, etc. If a member does not have any business to report, it is STRONGLY encouraged to supply a testimonial for a member of the group. (Testimonials are asked to be reserved for members, not guests to the meeting).
  2. During the infomercial round of the meeting, each member will have ONE minute to introduce him or herself, their business, what they are looking for, sales, promos, etc. to the people in the room. Guests and substitutes will then be given an opportunity to present after the member round.
  3. Members, Visitors, and Guests may NOT offer business opportunities (becoming a seller, joining their business, ect) to other members. A member may ask if someone has an outside business opportunity, but it should not be presented and once someone says “no”, it cannot be brought up to that person again.
  4. Any and all marketing materials you wish to distribute to the group must set out on the “Marketing Table” only. Handing out materials (other than business cards) individually is reserved for the spotlight speaker
  5. Ethical values will be a pivotal requirement for membership. 
  6. When referrals are received the referral shall be considered first and foremost a client of the person making the referral. A lack of respect for this precept either through the services offered, or the manner in which the referral is handled, shall be subject for consideration is a person’s membership
  7. Any disputes with another member should be brought to the attention of the Membership Committee for action. 



Section 1

Guests and Visitors may attend as long as they follow the rules laid out within these bylaws.

  1. Guests/Visitors are allowed to attend two (2) meetings prior to needing to submit an application for membership. They may NOT hand out any materials (such as business cards) at the meeting unless a member asks for it.
  2. Each member is responsible for voicing concern if a Guest/Visitor conflicts with their professional category.

Section 2 

Membership shall only be held by individuals who support the objectives of the association. Members are expected to: 

  1. Attend meetings regularly, missing no more than three (3) meetings in any given quarter. If missing, a member may avoid an unexcused absence by allowing a substitute to attend for them. This substitute may NOT be another another member of KBC. The substitute will be allowed to present themselves and their business to the group.
  2. Meetings will be held on every Tuesday at 9:15am except at the discretion of the membership
  3. Be active in the process of giving referrals within the group. 
  4. Promote the highest standards of professional and ethical service to their clients. 
  5. Pay their dues when requested. 
  6. Abide by the General Policies laid out within this document.
  7. Agree not to be a member of another industry exclusive networking/referral group

If a member is not able to meet the expectations listed above or comply with the General Policies, it would be appreciated by the membership if the member would voluntarily request to have their membership terminated so the association need not go through the procedures necessary to terminate membership. Voluntary termination will allow the membership to replace a particular business or profession with a representative who could be active. 

Section 2 

A person engaged in a business or profession may become a member of this association, but only one representative shall be allowed for each business or profession or each division of such business or profession. Also, the applicant’s professional designation MUST be their PRIMARY occupation and may only have ONE professional designation within the business group. Members wishing to change their occupation may submit a new application to the Membership Committee, as a new member. Should they be accepted, they would be able to roll over previously paid dues.

Section 3 

A person may be accepted into membership upon the condition that the following criteria are met: 

  1. Sponsorship by a current member of the association who has been in the association for at least 3 months;
  2. An application shall be submitted to the Membership Committee which shall review and pass on the application. 
  3. Any member who objects to the applicant shall have until the next regularly scheduled meeting to submit their objection to the Membership Panel for further review. Those objections shall be presented in private to the Membership Committee after the said regularly scheduled meeting. 
  4. The Membership Committee shall then approve or disapprove the applicant for membership. Once an applicant has been approved by the membership and paid his/her dues, then upon a confirming vote of acceptance into Membership by a quorum vote of the members of the group they become a Member of the Association with all the rights, responsibilities, and privileges so accorded. 

Section 4 

Each member in good standing shall have only one vote at a regular meeting of members. 

  1. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the entire membership, except in the case of an amendment to these ByLaws, which shall require two-thirds of the entire membership. 
  2. A quorum must be present to vote on matters of substance, including membership, termination of membership, dues, officers, and amendments to the Bylaws. 
  3. A successful vote shall be a majority of the quorum, except in the case of an amendment to these Bylaws, which shall require a 30 day notice to all members and a two-thirds vote of the entire membership. Written proxy votes shall be accepted as a valid vote only in the case of amending these ByLaws. 

Section 5 

Membership Removal shall occur as follows:

  1. A member may voluntarily surrender their membership, for any reason, upon written request addressed to the association and presented to the Secretary or President. 
  2. Membership in the association may be terminated upon vote of the members if a member is no longer in good standing, has an unresolved or unsatisfactorily resolved dispute with another member, or no longer meets the requirements for membership.
  3. Attendance not maintained at the level mentioned in Article IV, Section 1 may be subject to removal from the group, per the Membership Committee. Unexplained non-attendance for a period of three (3) meetings in a quarter may result in automatic removal from membership.

Section 6

Kingsport Business Group will not discriminate against any person based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or political affiliation in any way concerning membership. All members are encouraged to adopt this practice in their personal businesses as well, though it is not a requirement.



The monthly dues for Members is $25.00 Quarterly, payable upon the 1st meeting of each quarter. Dues are nonrefundable to members or companies for any reason. A member is in good standing only when association dues are current. When a member is delinquent in the payment of dues for a period of thirty (30) days his/her membership may be automatically terminated by the association. 



The following are procedural steps for handling disputes among members or disputes related to any member’s compliance with the Objectives and General Policies of the association. 

  1. The person with the dispute goes to the other party in an attempt to resolve the problem. 
  2. If unresolved, the person with the dispute goes to the Membership Committee.
  3. The Membership Committee will review this matter and then notify both parties as to any action it wishes to take.
  4. The Membership Committee can then choose to censure, suspend, or remove the offending party
  5. If the Membership Committee determines that a member is, in fact, not abiding by the club’s objectives or General Policies a request for termination of that member will be made by the committee to be sent to the general membership. 
  6. Should a vote come forward, a simple majority is needed to remove a member



  1. Meetings are held every Tuesday at 9am for member networking and personal introductions for guests. The official meeting will begin promptly at 9:15am. The meeting will be released by 10:15am. The room remains available after the meeting for additional networking opportunities. Members need to arrive on time and stay until the conclusion of the meeting.
  2. Meeting Agenda will be as follows:
    1. Announcements from the President
    2. Member Infomercial (each member should keep it to 45-60 seconds)
    3. Guest/Visitor introductions
    4. Member Spotlight (5-10 minute presentation about their unique business or tactics they use that members can benefit from)
    5. Education Portion
    6. KBC Business (elections, dues, voting, ect)

Article VIII


The officers of the association shall be a President, Secretary, and Treasurer whose terms of office shall be one calendar year. There shall also be a Membership Committee (comprised of 3 members) which will be appointed by the President at the start of the regularly scheduled term OR when a vacancy arises on said committee.



The Officers shall be elected at the membership’s first meeting in January, and they shall assume their duties following the elections. Only individuals who are members in good standing shall be eligible for office. Vacancies in office shall be handled as follows: 

A. In the event of the death, resignation, removal, or incapacity of President, the Secretary shall become President for the unexpired portion of the term. 

B. Vacancies of any other office shall be filled for the unexpired term by the President, with approval of a quorum majority vote of the members. 



Section 1 

The President shall be the principal officer of the association and shall: 

  1. Preside at all regular meetings of the association and the Membership Panel. 
  2. Appoint members to committees. 
  3. Provide authorization to the treasurer for disbursement of funds. 
  4. Serve to receive and follow up on disputes among members or disputes related to membership. 
  5. Be a co-signer on the Association checking account. 
  6. Handle all business associated with the club not already specified

Section 2 

The Secretary shall: 

  1. Take and record accurate minutes of any votes by the association and the decisions of the Membership Panel. 
  2. Process the correspondence of the association. 
  3. Preserve a permanent file of all records and letters of value to the club and its officers, including the Treasurer’s reports. 
  4. Keep the list of the names, addresses, and occupations of all members. 
  5. Keep a meeting attendance log and Referrals Made Record. 
  6. Fulfill the role of President in their absense 

Section 4 

The Treasurer shall: 

  1. Have charge of all monies of the association and shall present a financial statement at the first regular meeting of the quarter. Monies shall be kept in a non-interest bearing account at a fully insured financial institution. 
  2. Send an invoice to each member at least 30 days before the due date for his/her annual dues. 
  3. Pay all bills upon authorization of the Officers of the Association. 
  4. Keep an itemized record, in a permanent file, of all receipts and expenditures. Report to the President of any members who have not paid their membership dues within 30 days of the due date. 
  5. Deliver to his/her successor within ten (10) days after the expiration of term of office all books, records and papers, requesting a receipt thereof.